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Activities nearby

Amusement park

Close to the beach and yet all the way in the forest you will find the amusement park Fårup Sommerland. In 2015, Fårup Sommerland was elected as the second-best amusement park in Europe and is one of Denmark’s largest tourist attractions with plenty of wild, fun and crazy water activities for the whole family. You will find everything from wild roller coasters and a children’s theme park to Denmark’s largest and wettest water world! And remember, when the entry fee is paid then all the rides and the Aqua Park are free for the entire day!


Wild roller coasters

The forest is full of break-neck roller coasters where things are humming. As the only one in the Nordic region, the “Hurricane” roller coaster runs both above and BELOW the water! To begin with, the “Hurricane” takes you up to a seven-storey height and with 75 km per hour you speed down under the water and continue frighteningly close to trees and bushes – while your feet dangle in the open air! You can also try Denmark’s wildest acceleration on the “Lightening” roller coaster, which shoots off from zero to 80 km per hour in just two seconds. The ride then goes up and down in wild loops and break-neck hairpin swings. Or how about a ride in “Falcon”, Denmark’s fastest wooden roller coaster?




FaarupSommerland_Lynet 2

Nordsøen Oceanarium

Welcome at Nordsea Oceanarium

We look forward to welcoming you and your family
to a new season at The North Sea Oceanarium.

Come join us below the surface!

Experience the huge Oceanarium containing 4,5 million litres of seawater…touch a ray, play with a seal, and much more…

Gateway Blokhus is right in our backyard

In February 2012 the Gateway was opened as a free attraction for everyone who wants to have fun, play, run, ride a bicycle or a MTB, or just go for a walk in the beautiful nature in Blokhus. You will find a huge playground, a nice and welcoming picnic area with a bonfire place and a baking oven, as well as outdoor shelters to spend a night in the nature.

Blokhus Gateway is located behind the campsite, and the entrance is to your left when coming from Hune towards Blokhus. If you are staying at the campsite you will have direct access to the area from our campsite.

Click here for more: Gateway Blokhus


Mountain bike path (8 km)

The exciting 8 km path is full of great challenges. It is designed for the rider to maximise his or her full potential on the bike. Please download and print the Danish nature Agency’s folder below.

Click here for more: MTB-path-gateway.pdf

Trail 100

A great opportunity to go for a walk from Gateway Blokhus to Saltum Strandvej via Hune Lake. Along the trail you can enter bypaths that will lead you to the beach. It is wonderful walk no matter the weather.

Follow the purple rute on the map.


Follow the pointers.

Blue pointer: 7.3 km route from the picnic area behind Blokhus By Camping.
Yellow pointer: 1.7 km route from the parking lot between Blokhus and Hune.
Red pointer: 2.3 km fitness route. The health charts are located opposite the playground.

Off-leash dog forest

This is the place to walk your dog off leash as long as you have full control of your dog. You enter from Søren Petersens Vej right across from the entrance to Blokhus By camping. The entrance is on your right after 30-40 metres.

“Visit Jammerbugten”

Please visit Visit Jammerbugten’s office in Blokhus, if you need more inspiration on what to visit and see in the area. They will give you the catalogue “Det Sker”, wherein you find activities, events and “things to see”. They are more than happy to help you with any inquiries you may have.

You can also visit Visit Jammerbugten here.