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We, Inge & Karsten, took over Blokhus By Camping in December 2014, being the fifth owners in the history of the campsites. We are both in our early 50’s, and before we took over this lovely campsite we were camp tenants at another campsite in Denmark. It is a dream come true to actually run our own campsite.

In December 2017 we bought another campsite – Blokhus Klit Camping – situated only 4 km south of Blokhus. Om this campsite we are develloping an Outdoor Resort, beginning slowly in the season 2019 and going all in from April 2020.

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We wish to create the perfect holiday environment for our guests. Happy and satisfied customers make us happy and satisfied.

Remember – smiles are contagious!


The Campsite today


Blokhus By Camping is among the best campsites in Denmark today.

In June 2018 we where ready the rent out three 30 m2 family cabins installed with kitchen, bathroom and beds for 6 persons. These large cabins can be rented through out the year – also during Winter.

In May 2018 our Beach houses where ready for guests. The little white houses are copies of the charming houses you will find on Blokhus Beach during the summer, only our Beach Houses are places on the campground. These two beds houses are recykled from and former toilet shed – cut in half and completely renovated.

During the spring 2017 we had a new driveway. Now it is possible to arrive leaved your car and camper in the que and have a look at the campsite before checking in.

During the Winter 2016/2017 our common room was given a make over and during the following spring the intire building was plastered and painted.

This Winter we also rebuilded two of our small cabins. From rental units to small modern toilet houses. One was moved to the east end of the campsite and one is left standing next to the small cabins.

Before opening for the sæson 2016 we installed a new boiler in our large common building and had new tiles around the building. The 1980’s look is about to leave the campsite.

In 2008 we installed new and modern kitchen and shower facilities. During the spring of 2015 all the cabins also had new kitchens installed, and parts of the electricity hook-ups around the campsite were renovated. Before the start of the 2015 season we cut down most of the old coniferous trees, which had grown too tall and had started to wither. Now the oak and beech can receive more light and space to grow. In the next winters to come more of the old trees will be cut down and new will be planted. Blokhus By Camping must always be a wooded site providing shelter for our campers. As part of our modernisation process, most of the units will be made bigger during the fall and winter 2015/2016.

Our swimming pool has received a “makeover” and is now very nice and tempting for both bathing and sunbathing guests. Lounge chairs by the pool are provided. Our mini-golf course has been modified to be more player-friendly for everyone. We used the trunks from our wood cutting last winter as boards and separations between the 9 holes. When the peak season starts we will open the toilet and shower facilities next to the swimming pool area, called “Yellow Building”.

During the winter 2015/2016 we paved new paths around the campsite. The reception has received a “makeover”, and is now full of bright light and has a very welcoming atmosphere. The waste container area has been removed – it is now more conveniently placed in the centre of the campsite. During the spring of 2016 we will renovate the little 3-room cottages to house cyclists and other light campers who only need a bed to sleep in for a night or two. Furthermore, we have established a few units only for the camper vans, due to the increasing request for lower prices and smaller spaces.


Blokhus By Camping has with certainty existed since 28 January 1947, when the Nørresundby chief of policy signed the first set of rules and regulations for camping in Blokhus. The rules at the time were very similar to the rules of today. The site must be characterised by peace and orderliness, guests must be considerate to one another, dogs must be on a leash, and any instruction from the camp owner must be obeyed or eviction will follow.


Back in 1947 the campers had to buy straw from the camp owner for use as mattress, but they were not allowed to sell it on to other campers – it had to be destroyed after use. The original rules and regulations are displayed at a museum in Saltum.



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