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Denmark United-Kingdom Germany



Blokhus By Camping is already open. We close on the 24th of October at 3 pm.

In our onlinebooking it is possible to book your stay. Please notice that the onlinepayment is 50% of the Price. Any discounts will be withdrawn when you pay the rest at our camp.

Booking can be made online, by mail or by phone on +45 40 44 90 96.

We have made a group of units especially for autocampers. Theese units ar all significantly smaller than normal units for camping, that is why we are able to reduce the unit fee 50% – please find the prices below this.

Our autocamper-unit is marked on our campsitemap AC9 to AC18. On these units it is not allowed to use tent or markise.


Inside the gates: Prices 2021 in DKK

Date/period26.03. – – – 24.10.
Unit fee for autocamper-units*)DKK 30,-DKK 45,-DKK 30,-
Adults*)DKK 80,-DKK 95,-DKK 80,-
Children*)DKK 50,-DKK 60,-DKK 50,-
ElectricityDKK 35,-DKK 35,-DKK 35,-
Dayguests per personDKK 20,-DKK 20,-DKK 20,-
DogDKK   0,-DKK   0,-DKK   0,-
Swimmingpool (1/6-26/8)DKK   0,-DKK   0,-DKK   0,-
Private bathroom per day/weekDKK 100,-/500,-DKK 125,-/650,-DKK 100,-/500,-
Internet-code**)From DKK 30From DKK 30From DKK 30

*) In season 2021 you will receive a discount of 10% if your stay is for 5 consecutive nights or more. The discount is only available for the low season 2021. The discount applies only to the person prices and the unit fee.
**) The price is per user

At Blokhus By Camping shower and hot Water are included in the Price.

For campers inside the gates, the price includes emptying and filling of water.


Campsite rules - det short ones

Our positive set of rules.

  • Smile and say hello to the others.
  • Clean up after yourself in the servicebuildings and on your unit.
  • Show the respect to others as you would like them to show you.
  • When in doubt about something, please ask Inge or Karsten.


Campsite rules - the long one

On Blokhus By Camping we follow The National Regulations for camping.

The rules are designed to ensure all a good stay.

Please find the rules here.