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Denmark United-Kingdom Germany


Dear guests at Blokhus By Camping.

Welcome to the 2020 season 😊

It will be a very special year this year. Certainly a year that will be written about in the history books and on the new cards for all the quiz games. It will be a year our children and grandchildren will tell their children and grandchildren. And those stories should preferably be as positive as possible.

Covid-19 slows down, prevents and changes our lives and your daily lives. But the virus should in no way prevent you and us from having a good camping year.

We are determined!

It just requires a little bit of all of us. We must have new habits. But fortunately, it’s not that difficult 😊

In order to prevent the spread of infection, we have received many orders and regulations from the police and health authorities, and we try to comply with them by making the following focus points for you:

  • Queuing at toilets and baths must be outside the buildings.
  • Hand sanitizer must be used BEFORE you grab the door handle and enter. Remember to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer BEFORE leaving the building again.
  • You are welcome at the reception, but preferably as little as possible. Instead, call us during reception hours. See opening hours at reception.
  • Do not gather in larger groups and do not visit each other in the awnings.
  • Stay home if you feel sick, or if you are infected with Covid-19.
  • Consider whether camping is a good idea if you are at risk. Although we will all do what we can to look after you, there are no guarantees.
  • Shared kitchen, Shared living room and Indoor dishwashing are open but limited by number of people in the rooms.
  • The playgrounds are open, but help your children and grandchildren play and behave appropriately.
  • Almost all our toilet and bath facilities are open. Some are closed at night for the sake of disinfection.
  • Every morning early, we wipe off all contact surfaces.
  • Every afternoon we clean thoroughly.
  • Each evening, we wipe all contact surfaces and shower rooms / bathrooms are sprayed into Disinfectant and the family bathrooms are locked off so they can dry overnight.

Read the postings in the buildings and follow on Facebook so that you are constantly updated with the situation at Blokhus By Camping.

As written, it will be a very different camping year, but we have decided that Covid-19 should not take away the camping atmosphere, and we will create the good stories with you.

We look forward to a season with you.


#westandtogether # jointfightagainstcorona #welovecamping


Lots of love from

Irena, Ivar, Michelle, Lykke.

Inge og Karsten