Our facilities are modern and we are very aware that cleaning, tidying up and maintenance are a regular part of our daily life.

Our playgrounds are almost all made of natural wood and are inspected every year. We are working on modernizing and rebuilding the old ball fields into something new and modern.

The swimming pool is outdoors and currently unheated. The pool follows the rules for cleaning, construction and water quality required by the authorities. We are working to have the surroundings modernized and expanded. Hopefully we will also get the opportunity to do some kind of heating of the water in the pool.

Inge is responsible for cleaning the buildings. Karsten goes through the buildings every morning and there is cleaning every afternoon. During the busy periods, there will also be a review in the evening. We try to ensure that there is always paper, soap and alcohol in the dispensers, and that everything appears clean and tidy.

If you have comments, tips or tricks for improvements, we would love to hear from you.

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