Service buildings

We have a large service building in the middle of the campsite. Here there are baths and toilets, family bathrooms and changing rooms, laundry, washing dishes outside and inside, a shared kitchen, a shared living room and rental bathrooms. Here you will also find disabled-friendly toilet and shower facilities.

In the common room you will also find the local newspapers, magazines and exchange/borrow books. Here you can also use our coffee machine, where for DKK 10 you can draw a cup of coffee or a cup of hot cocoa.

In the service building by the swimming pool, there are showers and toilets in a women’s and men’s section.
In the eastern part of the campsite and by the cabins there are small toilet houses.

At the toilet house at the eastern end you will find our camperclean machine. The machine empties, cleans and refills most types of toilet cassettes. Next to the machine there is an emptying area for gray water cassettes and gray water from campers. There is also the option of filling with fresh water. Please note that there are two water hoses – one for rinsing the greywater tank and cassette and a water hose for filling with fresh water.