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Blokhus City Camp

Here – right inside the city line – you will find Blokhus By Camping or Blokhus City Camp, a more than 70 years old and private owned campground. From the very beginning the camp was called Blokhus Camping but around 2008 the name was changed to Blokhus By Camping.

The campsite consists of several different areas, all of which are built as the campsite has been expanded. The area around the central service building is active and offers units of all sizes – also the small cozy shelters for cyclists and hikers. At the campsite you will also find areas where you have direct views of the forest and the trails, where the wildlife travels in the early morning. We also have active areas around playgrounds and the swimming pool, where families with children have easy access to the facilities and there is a short walk for children when they want to play in the playground. See photos from the campsite here.

Several playgrounds

At Blokhus City Camping there are several playgrounds with challenging play for all ages, there are playhouses, sandpit and loan bikes for the smaller children. There are petanque, mini golf course and soccer field as well as an outdoor swimming pool. The swimming pool is open from mid-June to mid-August. 


Outside the fence there are town, forest and beach within walking distance. Blokhus has become a modern city with a large number of restaurants, cafés and bars. There is a large selection of shops with a nice range of exciting items and in the middle of the square you will find: Kalstrup Lifestyle House with a large selection of luxury goods.

At Blokhus Torv there is free concert every Thursday throughout the summer. The artists are always well-known Danish bands, which make a great mood. In addition, the Torv is the center of activities and events for both children and adults throughout the year. It is also at Blokhus Torv the Blokhus whale is exhibited part of the year. Read more about the whale and Torvet’s many activities at

We have a wonderful forest

Gateway Blokhus is the entrance to a wonderful forest area filled with trails for MTB, for running, fitness, hiking and for horse riding. At the Gatewayen square there is a large nature playground, there are fireplaces and a natural baking oven – all in the back yard of the campsite and all free of use. See a map of Gateway Blokhus here.

One of Denmark’s best beaches

Blokhus Strand is one of Denmark’s best beaches. Here you can drive on the beach with your car. Between Rødhus in the south and Løkken in the north there is officially a road on the beach. It is passable most of the time, but you are always welcome to ask the locals in the fishermen’s house at Blokhus Strand if the road can carry.

Fårup Sommerland

– Denmark’s funniest forest – is only 5 km from Blokhus By Camping. Here there is room for fun and play for the whole family. Visit their website and plan your trip here






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Activities in Blokhus

In Blokhus there are activities all year round.