Blokhus By Camping

When you are camping at Blokhus, there are different possible locations. Looking at our map, we can divide it into areas.

In the area in the upper left corner you will find our cabins, both the small retro cabins without toilet and bath, and the large modern cabins with toilet and bath. In this corner of the campsite you can find shelter for the west wind – especially along the fence / planks west.

Looking at the bottom corner to the left you will find the area called “Pothole”. Here it is peaceful and quiet. There is sun and shade and there is bird song. In this area you can also be lucky to see deer eating right outside the fence to the south.

Move your eyes to the area just east of the swimming pool and the soccer field. Here is an area with views, short distance to playgrounds and within easy reach of the service buildings. Some of the devices in this area are small and without power.

The area in the lower right corner is the area closest to the forest and Gateway Blokhus. In the fence to the east is a gate that gives direct access to the Gateway. The units in this area are among the largest places available.

In the upper right corner you will find a number of small side roads. Here you are also close to the gateway to the Gateway. The units are all in the medium size. In this area there is usually shelter for the West wind. You will also be able to sense the activity at Gateway Blokhus parking spot just outside the fence to the north.

The area, located directly east of the large service building, is built as “shelves”, all facing south. There is a short distance to the service building and its facilities.

In the large service building in the center of the campground there are two sections with toilets, shower and family room. Here is an outdoor and indoor kitchen for dishwashing. There is a modern laundry room with washing machines and dryers. In the western part of the building is a large kitchen and a large common room.

In the building by the swimming pool there are toilets and showers in a men’s and women’s section. These two sections are only open during busy weekends as well as in high season. At the cottages and in the middle of the eastern part of the square there are two small restrooms. In each house you will find four modern toilets.

In the main building where we have the reception you will find a playroom with seating, toys, games, books, a football table, table tennis and air hockey.