Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Camping is a great way to enjoy a holiday in sync with nature when living in a caravan or tent, and to meet other campers.

We at Blokhus By Camping welcome all happy, holiday minded and relaxed campers, who seeks peace and quiet at the campsite, wish to enjoy activities in Blokhus and Hune, or use the campsite as a basis for their Northern Jutland tour.

We have simple rules:

  • Do not forget to smile and say hello to each other
  • Clean up after yourself – both in the service Buildings and at your unit
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • If in doubt, ask Inge or Karsten 

Clean Site

The area around your caravan, tent or cabin must always be kept clean, and rubbish must always be put in the designated containers. See the site map for more info, otherwise do not hesitate to ask at the reception.

Dogs must always be kept on a short leash, and walked outside the campsite area. Free dog waste bags can be found around the campsite.

Wastewater must always be emptied at the designated areas by the main building or by the campervan empty-station.



The main gate, entrance barriers, kitchen and washing facilities, close at 22.00. Please respect the quiet hours between 23.00 and 7.00.

Please note, if you are outside the campsite between 22.00 and 7.00, it is only possible to get in by using the blue TalleyCard given to you upon arrival to open the door on the left side of the main gate.



Visitors must always report to the reception. Why?

We respect our guests and their privacy. Our guests have the right to be exempt from visitors if they wish. Therefore, it is important that visitors report to the reception – and likewise is it important that our guests report to us when they accept visitors. Visitors who are not staying overnight must leave the campsite no later than 22.00.