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Denmark United-Kingdom Germany


You can book both units and cabins through our online booking portal. Please note that you must pay 50 % of the total amount when booking. Any discounts will be deducted from the remainder, which is paid at the reception at the campsite. When renting a cabin, the remainder is paid upon arrival. When camping it is paid when you leave.

See our terms and conditions here.

Stay for 5 days or more and save Money.

In 2020 you will save 10 % on the person price and the unit fee when camping for 5 days or more in the low season.

If you stay more than 3 weeks:


  • 3–4 weeks with a 20% discount on the person prices and on the unit fee.
  • 5–6 weeks with a 30% discount on the person prices and on the unit fee.


This offer is available the entire season.

This offer can’t be combined with other offers.

Cabin offers during off-season.

  • Take 5 nights in a small cabin (4 persons) – only 1.800 DKK
  • Take 7 nights in a small cabin (4 persons) – only 2.520 DKK

The offer is available in our Low Season (03.04.20 – 21.06.20 and 01.08.20 – 18.10.20)

Please note that booking is necessary

Leaving your caravan empty during weekdays.

Go camping on weekends and leave your caravan with us during the weekdays free of charge.* You will pay the normal person price and unit fee per night you spend in the caravan. Please note, you must settle your account every time you leave, and check in when you arrive again.

If you leave your caravan empty during weekends or bank holidays, it will cost you the price of the unit fee per night.

During the peak-season you must pay the unit fee for an emty caravan on weekdays as well. In the peak-season the offer is only use able for 7 nights at a time.

*This offers is applicable in the off-season only.

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